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How Could it Happen?

by on March 2, 2014


Good people get deceived into believing lies and corruption. How can that happen? Recent exposures of fraudulent ministries with contriving and conniving personalities highlight the question. How could this happen?

When it does happen, why do people stay with a situation that is clearly not Biblical? Blindness. Blindness causes people to not see. Blindness can be willful. It can be choosing to not see because we do not want to see what is there or we want to see what is not there. Physical blindness is obvious. Spiritual blindness is so deceptive. It is deceptive because those who are Spiritually blind do not know that they cannot see.

Anyone can be controlled. Given the right circumstances and the right frame of mind and the right manipulator – anyone can be controlled. Almost anyone, that is. People controlled by the Spirit of God are difficult to control by sinful measures. If they initially comply with a powerful but harmful person they will be warned by the Holy Spirit and “come to their senses” and remove themselves from the dangerous situation.

Barnabas, in the Bible, was a good man but he got into a situation where a powerful person (Peter) controlled him. He needed a more insightful and discerning person to show him his blindness.

Nathan the prophet readily agreed with David’s plan to build a temple but God’s Spirit spoke to him and he then returned to David with God’s message. God’s plan was not the same as David’s plan and God revealed His plan to Nathan. Nathan and David had the discernment to accept God’s plan.

People get into misleading and malevolent situations by being gullible and easily manipulated. They believe in the person with the powerful persona and the convincing smile and the impressive argument and the sincere voice. They should be like the noble Bereans and search the Scripture to see what is true and what is false.

Be careful. Do not be deceived. Do not listen to and do not follow persons just because they have a following or because they schmooze you into being their puppets. Keep good, discerning people around you so that if you get caught in a vortex, your friends can extract you from the situation and prevent further damage.

Many people have good and helpful things to say. However, just because part of the program is good does not mean that the program will have a healthful effect. Just a little bit of wrong and sin can poison the soup. It can be mostly good but the little bit of bad can make the whole system destructive.

Pray for discernment. Do not let it happen to you.

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