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Stand in Awe

by on March 5, 2014

Stand in Awe – or Sin 

Stand in awe or sin. Which will it be? Those are the options. Which will it be?

Life has pain. When life brings pain, what do you do? Satan provides options. They are all wrong options. God has an option. His option is the right option.

Job – endured the pain. How much pain? “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!” Job was willing to endure the pain knowing that God had a purpose in the pain.

He did not sin.

Joseph – endured the pain. How much pain? He “cried so loudly that the whole palace heard him cry.”

Joseph was willing to endure the pain and live a life of Godly integrity.

He did not sin.

If ye be angry, and if ye think ye have cause to be angry; do not let your disaffection carry you to acts of rebellion against God …. Consider the subject deeply before you attempt to act. Do nothing rashly; do not justify one evil act by another: sleep on the business….  Ps. 4:4 The Treasury of David

Turning toward sin is rebellion – rebellion against God. It is “fixing” our problem in our own selfish way. It is rejecting the message God wants to give you.

Turning toward sin takes you deeper into sin. It destroys you and those around you.

God’s Word provides the only option – Stand in awe of God. That is what Joseph did. That is what Job did. These men stood in awe of a holy God to whom they were accountable.

Do you have pain today? How much pain? What will you do? God has a purpose in your pain. Do not rebel. Do not turn to sin. Turn to God. He is there. He loves you.

Do not sin.

Stand in Awe – allow the pain to happen –   and

God will meet you there.

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