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Heartbreak Healed

by on March 6, 2014


There is revival among the youth but there is struggle in the midst of revival. Satan is not happy. He is the enemy of our souls and the accuser of the brethren.

When we provide counseling training, the classes fill to beyond capacity. We face students who have sad stories of broken congregations and church struggles and troubled homes and disengaged parents. Reading what they write reveals hurts too deep for their young lives. Some of them are ready to leave our churches. Some have already left.

We can blame them and we do. But they did not show up out of nowhere. They are not the tree. They are the apples on our tree. The tree should not call the apples, “bad.” We raised them. They tell stories of hurt from parents and family and friends and ministers, deacons and bishops. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

The Bible has been the answer for my life. When I tell the youth what the Bible says, they do not want to hear what the Bible says. Why not? Because they have heard it too long. They want to see us live it, and then they will believe it.

Many youth from conservative churches are struggling. They are searching. They are hungry for worship and for truth. They want a mission to adopt and a challenge to accept. They want a cause to accomplish. They want to see men and women who are passionate about God and His Word. They long to be part of the Kingdom of God standing against the gates of hell.

For the past several years, there have been so many hurtful things said and done. Innocent people are vilified. False accusations are made. Church politics dominate. Youth listen and watch and are confused. We will lose them. We lose their hearts first and then they leave for safer waters.

Over the years we have lost so many youth. Much of that loss has been over church struggles. The most important and tragic result of church problems is the loss of the youth. They listen and observe and then they say, we do not need this. We do not want this.

In the midst of the current revival among our youth, they are facing formidable odds. Satan is busy. They are fighting him for all they are worth. They are fighting him with the strength of youth and the strength of Jesus Christ in their lives. They need our strength beside them.

Counseling ministries are springing up everywhere. Counseling classes are overflowing. Most people want help for themselves. They are too injured to help others. Our hurts are hurting those we love most. Our hurts force us to demand our rights and defend our behaviors.

In the midst of all this is God – His Word and His Holy Spirit. That is our only hope. Turn back to God. He is calling to us as He has to all generations.  Heal the hurting families. Heal the hurting churches. Stop the politics. Stop the defensiveness. Open your heart to God.

That is our only chance to save our youth. They are counting on us. Their hearts are breaking. That breaks my heart. It should break your heart also. They need us to set the standard. They need us to set the pace. They need us to walk the walk so they can see how and where to walk.

Heartbreak can be healed. God can heal us. We need to turn to Him and obey His Word and follow His Spirit. If we do, the fledgling revival will grow. It will grow beyond our imagination. God will make it grow. We need to live His Word and it will grow. God is waiting for us to open our hearts to Him. Will you do that? Today?

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