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“Don’t Die With the Music Inside of You.”

by on March 10, 2014


God has given you something. God made you for reason. God wants you in His universe. You. You. Uniquely You. Your body, your soul, your spirit. God made you. He made you because He loves you. He loves you because He made you.

He has given you something. Maybe a house, maybe a vehicle, maybe a talent, maybe money, maybe not, maybe something large, maybe something small, always  something significant, and surely life!

He has put words in you. Words. Words that heal and encourage. Words that only you can say. Words that people need to hear. Will you say those words? Will you say those words to people who will only hear them from you or not hear them at all? You must. Well, you really musn’t but you need to. They are not your words. They are His words for you to say because He has given them to you.

So, what will you do with all of what you have and have been given? It is not yours, you know. It is not yours. It is His. His. His to call forth from you.

You will die someday you know. Not now, hopefully, but someday. Someday far away and a long time from now, you will die. When you die what will you take with you? When you die what will you leave here? Don’t die with the music inside of you.

God has given you words and talents and things. To use for Him. To use for other people. Leave them here. Do not take them with you. What you take with you is lost. What you give is gained.

Who do you need to love? Who do you need to encourage? Who do you need to challenge? What do you need to build or raise or compose or repair? Do it. Do it now. Do not die with all that inside of you.

God placed you here because He wants you to bless your world. His world. You are His also. He loves you and He loves when you bless those around you. Then He feels loved – loved by you. When you truly love – you love Him.

Jesus came to live and to die. That is what He did. That is what you are supposed to do. Live – let the music out of you and then die. But do not die before you live the music that God placed in you.

“Don’t die with the music inside of you.”


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