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by on March 13, 2014


“Every man did what was right in the sight of his own eyes.” Life was out of control. Reading Judges reveals impossible and shocking conditions. We are living in such conditions today. What to do?

What did God do? With general conditions out of control, God sent individuals who could and would bring Godly behaviors, wisdom and judgment to the situation. These individuals were judges. Their task was to judge – to judge between right and wrong. Their influence was regional, not national. They were sturdy persons, sometimes using drastic measures to maintain control.

Today, we live in this post-modern time when truth is lost and every person is a law unto themselves and they make their own rules. Once again, what to do? God is sending men and women into this situation. Men and women who can and do bring wisdom and judgment and discernment into life. Men and women who cannot be bought or sold. Men and women who will stand, and are standing, for truth – God’s truth.

In Elijah’s day there were 7000 men who had not bowed their knees to baal. God has those same kinds of men today. You may be one of them. If you are, blessings to you. We need you desperately.

In every generation, God sends His men to do what is right in God’s eyes, not in their own eyes. In the midst of shocking and impossible conditions the Godly men and women shine as lights to the world.

The darker the night the brighter the light. Now is the time. Time to be God’s men and women to live and to lead. Time to be the “judges” in this our day. Deborah was among the judges. God is calling men and women. Today.

Is He calling you?

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