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The Last Week – Monday

by on April 13, 2014

Monday was a busy day for Jesus. He examined a fig tree devoid of fruit, the tree withered under His judgment. He had come to His own and His own had rejected Him. The fig tree was symbolic of the nation that now rejected Jesus.

The Lord of the temple came to the temple of the Lord. He “cleansed” the temple. The temple was the center of the Jewish religion. All Jews longed to visit the temple at Jerusalem. Devout men made the yearly pilgrimage to the temple at Jerusalem, singing Psalms as they traveled.

They came from many different areas – each with their own coinage and language. The temple provided money-changing and animal sales so these people could worship in Jerusalem. Unfortunately the leaders had made merchandise of the worship experience. Jesus was incensed at this incongruity – this sin. The zeal of God’s house had eaten Him up – and for the second time He “cleansed” the temple.

• Cast out those who were making merchandise in the temple
• Overturned the tables of the moneychangers
• And the seats of those who sold doves
• Would not allow anyone to carry goods through the temple

The people:
• Were astonished as His teaching
• Were “hanging on His words”

The religious leaders:
• Began seeking how to destroy Him
• Could not find any fault in Him

Jesus challenged the practices of the religion of His day. It was a religion but it was not worship. Jesus cleansed the temple. No religious system will allow that kind of “disrespectful behavior.” The common folk loved Him – He taught them, He defended their cause. The leaders, however, would not allow any challenge of their intact system. Jesus had to die.

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