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The Last Week – Tuesday

by on April 14, 2014

Tuesday was a busy day in Jesus’ life. He was faced with challenges from the religious leaders. They attempted to place Jesus on the defensive and force Him into making statements that would be contradictory. He was asked about His authority, about paying taxes, about the resurrection, and about the commandments.

Jesus asked questions also. In fact, He responded to questions with questions. The leaders could not answer His questions without implicating themselves.

Jesus also pronounced “woes” on the leaders. Matthew 23 records His repeated indictments harshly stated by Jesus. He exposed their behaviors and their motives and their underlying sin. He called them: blind guides, fools, blind men, hypocrites, outwardly righteous, inwardly full of lawlessness, sons of those who killed the prophets. He was relentless in His denouncements of their religious system. He realized that their system that was designed to take people to God had, instead, kept people away from God.

He also pleaded over Jerusalem saying how He longed to gather them together as a hen gathers her chicks – a moving, matriarchal message. How He loved His people.

Jesus also delivered His Olivet discourse in Matthew 24 and 25. This is New Testament prophecy directly from Jesus Himself. He answered questions about His return and the destruction of Jerusalem. He discussed talents and how God expects them to be used. He used gripping illustrations of the ten virgins and of oil for their lamps.

Even in His last week, Jesus continued preaching and teaching the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Meanwhile, the religious leaders were seeking how to seize Jesus and kill Him. On Tuesday night Judas joined their plot. Satan entered into Judas and he spoke to the chief priests and officers about betraying Jesus to them. They promised to give Judas money if he would betray Jesus. The plot against Jesus thickened.

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