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Resurrection Power

by on April 21, 2014

Colossians Three

Easter is over again for another year. Each Christian holiday comes once a year. As soon as one is over we look for the next one to arrive. Each has its special impact on the Church. What impact do they have on our lives?

The Easter celebrations are a joyous time. Families gather. People, who never go to Church any other time, go to Church services. New clothing, candy, ham, and other specialties adorn our lives. Is there any lasting effect? The preacher intones, “He is risen.” The people respond, “He is risen indeed.” What does that mean?

In Colossians chapter three Paul writes,
If you then be risen with Christ,
Seek those things which are above,
Where Christ sits on the right hand of God.

Paul tells the Colossians that there needs to be a personal response to the resurrection. If indeed you are risen with Christ – have participated in the resurrection of Jesus – then what?

Are you seeking those things which are above, or is your affection of things of earth? Seeking indicates an intentional and continual action. The Biblical response to the resurrection is a re-evaluation of affections and intentions. What specifics does Apostle Paul mention?

• Set your mind on things above
• Be dead to sin
• Mortify the corrupt passions and carnal desires
• Speak the truth
• Put off the old man
• Put on the new man
• Be kind and gentle with love and the spirit of peace
• Build up one another
• Sing Psalms and songs of praise
• Duties of wives
• Duties of husbands
• Duties of children
• Duties of fathers
• Duties of servants

Where Christ sits on God’s right hand
• Christ is sitting at the right hand of God
• God has raised us up to sit in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus
• We are also ‘sitting’ there if we have fixed our affections on things above
• Christ died and is risen and is at the right hand of God
• Making intercession for us.

That is where Jesus is right now.
• Is your heart there?
• Is your affection there?
• Is your behavior there?
• What impact does the resurrection have on your life?
• Are you out-of-step with the world around you?

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance:
For ye serve the Lord Christ.
But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and
There is no respect of persons.

If you are indeed risen with Christ – live that way.
If you are indeed risen with Christ – you are living that way.
Live like a person whose heart is in heaven
Live like a person who is “seated” with Jesus Christ
At the right hand of God.

Jesus has died and risen for your salvation.
He is giving you specific admonition so
Your life is the evidence that
You really are saved.
Resurrection power will change your life

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