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Pontius Pilate

by on April 26, 2014

It was my job to keep the Roman peace
And meet out justice in that arid land.
The priestly cults, and what their courts proscribed
As Crime, was more than I could understand.
The man was innocent – though I admit
His silence badgered me; had he made plea
For mercy or advanced one argument
In self-defense I might have set him free.

My wife had premonitions but a man,
If he would guard his station and esteem,
Must make it clear if he be Caesar’s friend
And not be swayed by shadows in a dream.
An angry mob makes bad publicity
And so I washed my hands, gave them their will
And sent some legionnaires to see to it.

It should have ended there upon the hill;
But long have Roman Caesars lain in dust
While creed and legend keep my sorry fame
And leave upon the chronicles of man
The mark of perfidy beside my name.

Irene Kane Lata

From → Poems

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