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Mr. Pilate Meets God

by on April 28, 2014

In the Roman Empire, Caesar was god. No other gods were allowed above Caesar. Pilate knew this very well. Pilate was a representative of god – of Caesar, that is. Then one day, Pilate met God – the real live, living, all powerful, personal, Creator God. Pilate was used to dealing with all kinds of people. He wasted no time with trouble-makers. On one occasion he mingled the blood of the worshippers with the blood of their sacrifices. Pilate kept the peace. By any and all means, Pilate kept the peace. What can be learned about this man?

Pilate was a man of discernment but he was not a man of courage.

Pilate tells us why the leaders watched Jesus and falsely accused Him. Pilate tells us that it was envy that caused the religious leaders to condemn Jesus. Pilate was a man of discernment but not a man of courage. He could have acquitted Jesus and he did. But he still bowed to the will of the mob when he delivered Jesus to them. Even though he knew and said that Jesus was innocent, Pilate bowed to the pressure of politics. He was a man of discernment in many areas of life. Unfortunately, he was not a man of discernment.

Pilate – a man of discernment
• He was able to discern that Jesus was innocent
• He was able to discern that the leaders condemned Jesus because of envy.
• He was able to discern the will of the people
• He asked the question, “What is truth?”
• He had the final word – “what I have written, I have written!”
Pilate – a man of peace- Pax Romana –
• peace at all costs
• peace at any cost
• peace with the use of force –
• peace that justifies the use of force
• peace that disregards justice for an innocent person
• peace that disregards Truth is no peace at all
• the basis of peace is Truth
• there is no peace without Truth
Pilate – a man of fear –fear of man but not fear of God
• “I am innocent of the blood of this just man”
• If you let this man go you are not Caesar’s friend – politics
• Pilate and Herod became friends over their common foe: Jesus
Pilate – a man without courage
• He could have protected Jesus, but he did not
• He could have ordered the Jews to disperse, but he did not
• He could have stood with Jesus, but he did not
• He could have become a disciple, but he did not
Pilate – a man of fame
• His name is found many times in the story of Jesus
• His name is mentioned at least 55 times in the Bible
• He is listed in Acts in relation to his role in the trial of Jesus
• He is mentioned in the Apostles Creed – “…suffered under Pontius Pilate..”
Pilate – a man of injustice
• Allowed an innocent man to be condemned
• He washed his hands to attempt to remove his guilt in the death of Jesus
• There is no peace without justice
• Made peace a higher value than justice

What about today? Where are the men of discernment and where are the men of courage?
Discernment is very important but courage is equally critical.
Discernment without Godly action makes men guilty.
If God has given you discernment but you do not act on that discernment,
You are guilty of not applying action to truth.

What about you? Has God given you discernment? Do you have courage?

I pray that you will seek discernment from the Holy Spirit of God and that

You will then act on that knowledge and have the courage to take the appropriate Godly actions.

Pilate allowed an innocent man to be killed –
Jesus was not on trial. Pilate was on trial.
You are on trial today. Who will it be? Will it be the crowd, the favor of men, peace at any cost?
OR – will it be God. When you meet God who will you choose?
Will you choose Truth – the God/man who is the Truth?
OR – will you choose the men who play god – The persuasive, the political, and the powerful?

Pilate met God that day. He made the wrong decision.
You will meet God today. What will be your decision be?


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