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Theodicy and Habakkuk

by on April 29, 2014

Theodicy – Justification/explanation of the ways of God

I. Habakkuk

A. Habakkuk questions God about His ways

Habakkuk’s first question:
Why do you allow wrong to continue?
God’s first answer:
I am going to judge and punish the wrong!

Habakkuk’s second question:
Why will you use wicked people to punish your people?
God’s second answer:
1. I am going to punish them also
BUT – The just shall live by faith!
2. Because of their transgressions
BUT – someday the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God!
3. Because of violence
BUT – The Lord is in His holy temple
Let all the earth keep silence before Him!

B. Habakkuk’s Response to God

Habakkuk’s prayer and God’s blessing – 3:1-19
A. The day of the Lord is coming – 3:2-16

B. The difficulties brought by the Lord – 3:17-19
 No figs = no food
 No fruit = no drink
 No olives = no oil
 No grain = no bread
 No flock = no meat or wool
 No herd = no milk or cheese
C. The joy of the Lord is:
 My joy
 My salvation
 My strength
 My security
 My walk
C. What Lessons can be learned –
1. God deserves the thankfulness of His people
2. God is in control
3. God’s ways are beyond human understanding
4. God uses wicked people and nations to accomplish His will
5. God uses evil people to refine Godly people
6. God holds evil people and nations responsible for their behaviors.

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