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Human Shepherds

by on May 6, 2014

Jesus is the “Great Shepherd of the Sheep.” But, the Bible also emphasizes the need for human shepherds to work with and under the direction of Jesus. We who work with people are shepherds. We are called by God to shepherd His flock.
• We love people.
• We feel the needs of people.
• We notice their hurts.
• We reach out to them.
• We meet their needs.
• We are available to them.
• We are safe.
• We notice the needy “sheep.”
• We try to allay their fears.
• We assure them of the love of God.
• We point them to Scripture.
• We are the voices and hands through which God works to bless His sheep.

It is God’s love that flows through us. We are constantly dependent on the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God to know and meet the needs of the flock.

For those of us who are called to be shepherds. We have the shepherd-heart – the heart of God for all people.
• Many of us were lost sheep.
• We know how it feels to be lost.
• We know how it feels to be alone.
• We know the desperation of lostness.
• We know the fright of aloneness.
• We know the horror of despair.
• We know the hope of rescue.

I have shepherded many hearts. I have received many hugs – hugs that should have been given to parents and spouses. I received the hugs knowing that they were not meant for me. My greatest joy has been to see the hearts of the children turned to the parents and the parents to the children. Sadly, so many times the parents do not get it. Spouses do not get it. They are not healed. People want to return and no one is waiting.

There is a desperate need for shepherds. Shepherding is an oft missed task in the Church. It is not typically a recognized calling. Shepherding is the heart of God expressed through human lives. It is different from teaching and preaching and prophecy. It is the love and grace of God flowing through the shepherd to the sheep.

Shepherding is a gift given by the Holy Spirit of God. God calls some persons to be shepherds – to care for and feed the Church, the flock of God here on earth. If God has called you to be a shepherd, you understand the shepherd heart of God. Your heart beats with God’s heart in searching and finding the lost sheep.

Is God calling you to be a shepherd? Do you feel the love of God and are you willing to share that love. God is waiting for more shepherd hearts to beat with His heart. Many hurting people are waiting for the gift of shepherding that they need to live another day.

Isn’t God enough? Of course He is. But, He has chosen to flow His love through persons who are willing to answer the call to shepherd His flock. Are you one of those people? Will you answer that call? Today?

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