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Integrity or Obedience

by on May 17, 2014

Integrity is doing what is right, regardless of what you are told.

Obedience is doing what you are told, regardless of what is right.

Most people can be conditioned to believe and do almost anything. With enough powerful pressure, people’s minds can be controlled and made to believe almost anything. How can that happen?

Many programs, religious and otherwise, are designed for mind control. If minds are controlled, behaviors can be controlled.

In a controlling situation, integrity is not honored. In fact, integrity is frowned upon because people of integrity are very difficult (read impossible) to control.

Obedience is good if it is obedience to truth and Godly authority. Obedience becomes bad when people obey sinful directives that are morally wrong.
Many times people will justify their behavior because someone told them what to do. They were only “following orders.” They pass the buck to the authority who gave the orders.

Authoritative authorities are wise men who support truth and right with the Spirit of God in their lives. They lead people with the heart of a shepherd and the care of a pastor. They speak and live truth. They are trustworthy and faithful in all their dealings.

Authoritarian authorities are unwise, but clever and powerful men who will remove any one who dissents from their authority. Rather than becoming wise and learning truth, they persist in their controlling ways of leading people. They require unquestioned obedience to their demands.

If someone disagrees with an authoritarian demand for obedience, the person who dissents will be charged with rebellion and disrespect and will be marginalized and/or eliminated.

Those people, who comply with the authoritarian demands, are rewarded with the approval of those in power. Those who will not comply and obey are controlled by the withholding of approval of the authorities.

So, by giving or withholding approval, powerful persons can control whole segments of the population. How can that happen? Persons who have never been taught integrity can be controlled by approval. Persons of integrity cannot be controlled by those means.

It is so critically important that we teach people, children and adults, to be persons of integrity. Persons of integrity do what is right even if/when they are told to do wrong. They do not allow the power of an authority figure to cause them to sin. They know that God is the final Authority and Judge and so they obey God rather than man.

Rise up oh men of God! It is time for integrity! Integrity means doing what is right no matter what the cost! Do not hide behind the false wall of obedience by passing the responsibility to someone in authority. Own your deeds and live for the God who calls you to a life of integrity.

Find persons of integrity and associate with them.
Do what is right regardless of what you are told or who tells you.
Someday you will face the Judge of all the earth.
He will do what is right, then.
You need to do what is right, now.

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