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The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

by on June 17, 2014

Jesus came to establish His Church. He is building it now. His Church has many enemies. The primary enemy is Satan and his powers of death and hell. They will not prevail.

The plans and plots and pundits of hell will never prevail over the Church of Jesus Christ. They will try. They will persecute and imprison. They will malign and kill. They will harm and maim. Over all these and more the Church will prevail. Satan is no match for Jesus Christ.

Jesus died but He burst the bonds of death and the grave. That victory is now offered by Jesus Christ through His Church. The gates of hell can never prevail over the salvation Jesus offers through His Church. The gates of death unclosed Jesus for three days but He arose ā€“ He burst the bonds of death. He burst the gates of hell.

For time it looks like Satan is winning but do not be misled. He is a defeated but not yet dead foe. His time is coming. Make sure that you are not with him when it does.

There are many churches but only one real Church of Jesus Christ. It will prevail. And hell is no match for it. Jesus said so.

Of which Church are you a part? The real Church or an imitation of the real thing. The real Church is winning over Satan and his angels. Satan and his charlatans may look convincing but they will be defeated.

Take a stand with the Lord Jesus Christ, King of His universe, King of creation, King of your life, now.

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