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Girls are Not the Enemy

by on July 21, 2014

The “Two Monks” story could have been about any two men. The difference in the men is striking. They had different views of women, and of themselves.

Girls are not the enemy. Girls are beautiful creations of the Creator God. Men and women are created to be complementary parts of the human creation. Neither are to be exploited by the other. Neither are to be shunned by the other. Neither are to be used by the other. We are part and parcel of God’s plan for His creation. We are here as heirs together of His grace. We are here to live and love and respect each other.

When men are not real men they go either of two ways. Either they exploit the women or they stay away from them and see them as seductresses (whether the women have that self-perception or not). How sad can this be? What is the Godly way for men and women to relate?

Girls and women are waiting and longing for men who are real men: strong, safe, caring, compassionate, conversant, respecting and protecting. Men with real love who see the beauty of the heart in spite of any externals. Girls long for real men whom they could trust on the remotest island on the darkest night.

Real men see the beauty of the Creator in the beauty of the creation. They grieve for the pain that is caused by the dysfunction and abuse of God’s ideal. Real men are engaged in restoring that ideal. Real men respect all girls and women.

Most men, on the other hand, fall into the two above mentioned categories. Monk or preacher, teacher or mechanic, physician or physicist. Men are men and they need to see the hand of the Creator in the creation. Regardless of their station in life they need to see themselves as men of God first, before any other self-perceptions, earned or endowed.

The ideal is for men and women of all ages to honor each other and live Godly lives together on this planet. Married or single, we honor and respect each other. We do not fear each other. We complement each other in many ways and at all times. That is God’s plan

So, one monk can see the girl as an enemy who might make him fall into sin in fact or in thought.

The other monk can see the girl as a real person with a real need and meet that need with absolutely no thought of expectation of improper compensation. May his tribe increase.

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