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Guarding the Henhouse

by on July 24, 2014

It is so difficult to find willing and knowledgeable workers. So, when we needed help to guard the henhouse we looked for workers who were willing and knowledgeable about hens. One applicant was a very willing worker. It was Mr. Fox.

We explained our plight in having difficulty finding willing and knowledgeable guards. Mr. Fox was very understanding and was quick witted and sharp. Not to mention that he had a great deal of interest in hens and seemed to know a very much about the subject of henhouses. It seems that he had picked up some experience about this subject over the years.

He was impeccably dressed. Always, he wore an auburn suit with a contrasting white accent. He was bright-eyed and alert. He was impressive, to be sure.

And also, he was so pleased that we asked him to be one of the guards. He quickly volunteered to be on duty during the late night and early morning watches. Those are the most difficult times to find guards. How impressive! How comforting to know that the henhouse is being protected when we are sleeping.

Sadly, there were some who did not seem impressed with his credentials. They even questioned our judgment in hiring him. It took a lot of effort to dispel their concerns. Fortunately we had enough votes to over-ride their objections. Actually, we had to remove those stubborn individuals who persisted in demanding that we not hire Mr. Fox.

Now we can rest in peace knowing that the hens are safe and in good hands.

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