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Amish Growth

by on July 28, 2014

Amish are starting a new community every three and one half weeks

We all know what they are doing wrong but, could we ask what they are doing right?
What are they doing right?

They must be doing something right to be growing as they are.
What are they doing right?

Here are a few of their strong points:
• Creating mutually supportive communities
• Creating a recognizable group identity
• Creating respect for cultural values
• Creating respect for parents and leaders
• Expecting obedience from members
• Consistent socialization of children
• Using practical instruction of children from their earliest days
• Producing an identity that values the group and the individual
• Producing marriages that endure
• Producing an unmatched work ethic
• Keeping congregations small enough to know everyone on a personal basis
• Utilizing educational basics without needless frills
• Experiencing financial success in spite of economic down-turns
• Keeping 90% of their youth

If other plain church groups would learn some basics from the Amish, there could be much growth in the Church.

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