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The Holy Spirit – Fruit

by on August 13, 2014


The Fruit of the Spirit

What will life look like if it is filled with the Holy Spirit? This is what the Bible says:

From Galatians 5:22-23

From Ephesians 5:9

These qualities are the result of the Holy Spirit indwelling the life of the believer.
The Spirit is the root, and these are the fruit. They are a unit.
They are the qualities (plural) of the fruit (singular).

Just as apples are made up of many parts and qualities, so the fruit of the Holy Spirit is made of the above qualities and characteristics. The above qualities are the way you identify the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life.

In the natural world, fruit is easily identifiable. Just so in the Spiritual world. An orange or a pear or a banana or an apple is easily and quickly indentified. So, in the Spirit world, a believer is identifiable by the presence of the qualities of a believer.

Those qualities are placed there by the tree from which the fruit grew. Pear trees produce pears. The Holy Spirit produces Christians. Pears are pears because they grew on a pear trees. Christians have the qualities of Christ because His Holy Spirit lives in them.

The fruit of the Spirit is from the life of Jesus Christ. His earthly life was made of the above qualities. We understand these qualities by observing them in the life of Jesus Christ. Christians are Christians because they are “little Christs.” Christians have the above qualities because the Spirit of Jesus Christ lives in them.

What about you? Do these qualities characterize your life? If not, they can. Accepting Jesus as Lord of your life will produce the fruit of the Spirit. Lordship of Jesus means feeding on the Word of God. It means obedience to the truth of Scripture. It means rejection of what is wrong and sinful.

You may have accepted Jesus into your heart and made a commitment to Him. But, if you have not allowed Him to be Lord of your life, you may be living a life of frustration because you are trying to live the Christian life on your own strength. You are living a Romans seven life in a Romans eight world.

Read Romans seven. Circle the word “I” in the chapter. Notice that “I” am the central focus of Romans seven.

Read Romans eight. Circle the word “Spirit” in the chapter. Notice that the “Spirit” is the central focus in Romans eight.

That is the difference. Romans seven is about “Christians” living for: self, politics, personal agendas, pride, arrogance, self-protection, greed, lust, envy…. They are controlled by the flesh. Self/flesh is a hard master.

Romans eight is about Christians living because another Spirit is living in them. Their lives are characterized by: Love, Joy, Peace …… That is what life (and the Church) will look like if it is filled with the Holy Spirit.

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