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Claim the Land

by on August 26, 2014

When Israel entered the promised-land, they knew that God gave them the land that He had promised. However, they had to fight for it. It took time to eradicate all the inhabitants. Their lack of diligence in removing the inhabitants caused Israel much difficulty. They were constantly enticed into sinful behaviors. They often submitted to the sinful ways of the people who lived there. That is why God told them to eradicate the inhabitants.

The Christian life is just like that. We enter the “promised-land” of salvation and sins forgiven. But, if we do not eradicate the old habits and beliefs, they will come back to haunt us and cause us to falter in our new life in Christ. It takes diligence and even some harsh tactics to remove the old ways from our lives.

We had become so used to living in certain ways that claiming the land was/is a real problem. Put off the old man and his ways. Put on the new man with the power of the Holy Spirit. Get rid of the giants that are living on your land.

Claim the land that God gave to you. Kill the giants. Remove the powers that controlled you before. Replace them with the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Reject the lures of Satan and his demons. Replace them with Bible study and prayer.

There will be a contest. Who will win? You or the giants? You decide. The land is yours – it is a gift from God. Either you will claim the land for God and live there, or the giants will live there and control you.

Kill the giants! Claim the land!

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