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Brethren – Glimpses From Bowman

by on September 8, 2014


Brethren Society – The Transformation of a Peculiar People

As James Quinter put it,

They (The Church of the Brethren) sought to be both conservative and progressive – preservers of the primitive faith who remained open to new light. But their middle-of-the-road goal of holding primitivism and progress in balance proved, in the long run, to be futile. The church of the Brethren would eventually choose between preservation and accommodation.

So, with powerful leaders trying to hold a two-pronged approach and a membership that was committed to loyalty, the die was cast. The Church would take the course of least resistance. Congregation after congregation followed the path to accommodation.

Leaders allowed acculturation and members eagerly accepted. Loyal, conservatives eventually had to choose between acculturation or being set aside from meaningful function in the congregations. If they resisted acculturation their children did not. So, the next generations gladly left the conservative ranks and little by little the church lost many, many members.

The historians have painted the picture for us. It is on the table for all to read. It is now the decision of this generation – continue the failed practices or make the hard decisions to return to the Godly, Biblical, Brethren heritage we have inherited.
It is your choice. What will you do?

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