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Legible Again

by on October 7, 2014

We thought she was kidding. In college? Penmanship? Really? What did she think we were? Third graders? She was not kidding. This was the “ed block.” “If you are going to be teachers you are going to write legibly. Here is your lesson.” She was a stickler for perfection.

Do you remember the green papers with the white lines and the cursive letters in front of the class room? There were back. “That is the way you are going to write. Legibly. So it can be read and understood.”

I was guilty. My handwriting, once readable, had deteriorated into mush. Unreadable, illegible and disgusting. That was about to change. We wrote letters, then words, then sentences. The lessons seemed familiar – distant memories. The circles, the L’s, and everything else. How humiliating. College. Impossible. But no, it was for real. My handwriting, once good, then terrible, now legible again.

Every time I write in cursive (which is always) I think of Dr. Clawson and her commitment to excellence, her own and her students.

Life is about the basics. Writing legibly is basic as are many other actions. Take the needed care when you write. Your writing says a lot about you. Be careful. Be precise in all areas of life.

Every time I write, I imagine her correcting my paper. Be careful. Dr. Clawson may be watching you!

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