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Priests and Prophets

by on October 14, 2014

The priests stood with the people and presented the people to God.

The prophets stood with God and presented God to the People.

The prophets were typically lonely people.
They stood for truth even if no one else did.
They spoke the truth even when no one else did.
They lived the truth even though no one else did.

Menno Simons was a prophet.

Alexander Mack was a prophet.

There were many other prophets.

People honor prophets without realizing the price the prophets paid. We pay them lip-service while they paid life-service. They stood with God and they stood alone. At the risk of their lives, they stood alone. Sometimes it cost their lives.

“God’s word is truth” are the words of Jesus. “Truth is immortal” was a watch-word of the Anabaptist movement. Human life is mortal. Truth is immortal. Truth, therefore, is of more value than my earthly, human life. Faced with the choice of life or truth, we must choose truth.

Let us not just honor the prophets with our words. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day did that. Let us honor the Lord by honoring the prophets God sends to us.

There are prophets in Scripture.
There are prophets in history.
There are prophets among us today.

They are the ones to whom God has given a keen sense of discernment and wisdom. They resist and refuse the politics of their day.
They carry a huge burden for the souls of their people.
They are the voice that God uses to proclaim His message.
Listen to them.

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