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An Unlikely Team

by on November 2, 2014


They were an unlikely pair. One was big and burly. The other slight and gaunt. But, when it was time to work, they pulled together. They were a team of horses from the Pennsylvania timber lands. Familiar with working together, they came to demonstrate how work horses actually pull a load.

They had worked together in the mountains. Now they were competing in a horse pulling contest. By all appearances, they could not possibly win. Many of the other teams were well matched, meticulously groomed and sported fine harnesses.

Some of the other teams struggled to stay together. First one would pull and then the other. The drivers struggled to keep them starting at the same time. Even though many of them appeared to be matched in size and weight, they did not always respond correctly to the directions of their master.

This unlikely team, however, pulled together. They actually won the contest. What a lesson. What a lesson for me, a school boy, the only time in my life I saw a horse pulling contest. The lesson has stayed with me. Teamwork is so critically important.

If we pull together, we will “win.” If we do not pull together, no matter how good we look, we will “lose.”

The vision of that unlikely team is still fresh in my mind. They strained together to pull the load they were given. Can the Church do that today?

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