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by on November 24, 2014


We all want to be wanted, cared for, loved – we need security and significance and belonging. Insecurity invades those longings. Insecurity brings anxiety about our worth or value or ability or confidence. Insecurity is lack of feelings of belonging. It believes lies about self. It is debilitating.

Insecurity is about performance-based living. No performance is ever enough –we are starved for accolades and appreciation and performance will never satisfy that starvation. Insecurity creates recordings in the mind that play over and over again – messages that: you are not good enough, you can never be OK, you will never measure up, you will disappoint again and again.

Insecurity impacts all of life for many people. It creates a guilt mentality. We feel guilty when we are not guilty. Worst of all, it conceals our real God-given personality and identity and abilities.

In some people, insecurity surfaces as the false self-image that they are perfect. Their life is an all-out effort to not allow that image to be tarnished. This can result in bullying or any other kind of controlling behavior. The bullying is simply an attempt to protect the false image harbored in the mind of the bully. All bullies and controllers are controlled by the same force and feeling. That force/feeling is insecurity.

Many of them have a violent fear of failure. They cannot allow self to fail because they have created illusions and images of perfection. This can be caused by being emotionally wounded, shamed, or abused in any way. These cause impacts at the emotional level and produce self judgment and self-rejection. These powerful feelings begin to control the behaviors and produce a person who will react dramatically when challenged or when threatened by another person.

Saul’s insecurity caused him to react when the women assigned more credit to David than they did to Saul. Saul proceeded to plot David’s death. What an over-reaction. This type of reaction is the result of insecurity. Saul’s image was threatened by a potential rival. Such is the power of insecurity.

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