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by on December 21, 2014

Hypocrisy is the worst sin to today’s youth. Some older generations allowed a level of hypocrisy as inevitable and acceptable. Today that is not true. The youth today have so much that they are scarcely motivated by things. Hypocrisy is mostly about things and images. They do not need them or it.

Youth have a built-in hypocrisy detector. Age seems to destroy this ability. Or, at least, it can. Remember how smart we were when we were teenagers? How did you lose that wisdom? Understand, youth are lacking in experience but that lack is made up for by awareness of and sensitivity to wrong.

“When you are older you will understand.” Maybe, maybe not. The Bible has many examples of youth who were very perceptive and totally committed. So, God uses young people for His purposes. He is still doing that today.

What about age? Just because you are older does not mean that you have to lose your sensitivity to wrong and hypocrisy. In fact, it should mean just the opposite. You/we should become more sensitive to wrong and sin and hypocrisy. We can and we should and we must. Get older and wiser, not older and less sensitive to wrong. Do not learn to wink at sin and wrong.

Ideologies and philosophies can dull our sensitivity to truth or the lack thereof. Do not allow that to happen. You do not have to let that happen. Do not allow any system or person to impose that on you. Do not get drawn into what you know is wrong. Do not redefine terms so you appear to be correct.

Objectivity requires enough closeness to understand, but enough distance to be insightful without being blinded by misleading definitions. People are controlled by powerful image-makers who create and recreate definitions.

Hypocrisy taints truth. Tainted truth is not truth at all. Be careful. Do not allow yourself to be lured or lulled into hypocrisy. It can happen easily and quickly. It is easy to trade freedom and truth for a sense of security and significance. Do not do it.

If you want a voice with youth, get rid of all hypocrisy. They will not fall for it. Be real. Be for real. Be for real now. That does not mean be gushy or inappropriate. It means be who God made you to be.

That is His plan for you. That is His plan for His people. That is His way to communicate to youth – through your lack of hypocrisy. Through your integrity. Through your being real – real as God has made you over and given you His Holy Spirit to live with you and through you. It means saying no to wrong and saying yes to right. You can do that. You must do that. If we are to convince the youth, we have no other choice. We must do that. And by the grace of God, we will!

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