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New Year With God

by on December 31, 2014

Culture Change – I Corinthians 10:31

The Anabaptist community needs a culture change.
We need to become a Bible culture.
We need to become a Jehovah God culture.
We need to become a Lord Jesus Christ culture.
We need to become a Holy Spirit culture.
Can that happen? That can happen. How can that happen? The answer is not so difficult.

One question will change the culture.
One question will change our lives.
How do we make decisions?
How are decisions made? The question is:

What will bring the most glory to God in every situation?

That needs to be the question. It needs to be the question in your personal life. It needs to be the question in the board room and at the breakfast table. It needs to be the question in the ministers’ meeting. It needs to be the question in every situation in life.
It needs to be answered honestly. It can be answered honestly. Will we answer it honestly? Will you answer it honestly?

If we will do that:
1. Real, heart worship will be our constant experience
2. Almighty God will be honored above all in life
3. Politics will disappear, no more power struggles
4. King Jesus will rule His Church
5. The Bible will become the source of guidance for our Churches
6. The Holy Spirit will be honored and obeyed in our Churches
7. Love and blessing will flow freely from and between leaders
8. Leaders will graciously shepherd their flocks
9. Youth will see that we are serious about obedience to the Lord of the Church
10. Hypocrisy will become a thing of the past
11. We will confront each other about sinful behavior
12. We will keep each other accountable
13. We will accept the confrontation that comes to us in love
14. We will have a hatred for sin and its effects on our people
15. We will have the heart of God in all matters of life
16. God will give us leaders who are Godly men who cannot be bought or sold
17. God will give us homes where real men are real leaders
18. God will give us homes where children are shepherded into the fold of God
19. It will be the greatest unifying factor we have ever experienced
20. People who refuse truth will be admonished and taught to maturity
21. Some people will leave our churches
22. Most people will be so blessed that they will grow Spiritually in our care
23. Love will live. Trust will thrive. Faith will flourish. Joy jubilant. Peace prosper
24. Equality will reign, lust will die, pride perish, envy eliminated
25. We will examine and correct all policies, practices, positions and persons
26. Hurting hearts will be healed, gossip will cease, prayer productive
27. Confidence will be restored, Over-confidence will be corrected
28. Goodness will be gracious, gentleness granted, self control experienced
29. Patience perfected, self crucified, others honored, kindness kindled
30. Discernment will be discovered, fellowship blessed, instruction diligent
31. Truth known, freedom found, leadership by the gifts of the Spirit
32. Comfort for the grieving, healing for the hopeless
33. Marriages will be healthy and children blessed
34. The windows of heaven will be opened
35. Fear of God will replace the fear of men
36. God will fight our battles for us
37. We will be the Kingdom of God here and now
38. This list could and should go on and on and …

Who will be the ones to start this revival?
Who will implement this question in their personal lives and decisions?
Who will have the courage to challenge their homes to live this question?
Who will have enough conviction to ask the question in the meetings?
Who will answer this question honestly?

This is not a formula.
It is not a policy.
It does not require a change of church polity.
It is non-sectarian.
It is not denomination specific.
It needs to trump all other questions.
It is the word of God.
It is revival!

Some people may say, “We are already doing this.” Unfortunately, the results do not bear witness to that. It is time for a serious change.

“Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Does what we are doing or deciding bring glory to God?

I am calling on Church leaders to implement this approach
Begin by challenging your own heart with this question
Begin to use this question in all meetings
Begin to require every discussion to develop around this question
Begin to require all discussion to focus on this question
Begin to disallow all discussion that does not honor this question
Begin to challenge each other with this question

You can begin a revival in your life and in your family.
Focus on I Corinthians 10:31.
Make it the focus of your life.
Make it the focus of your family.
Make it the focus of your business.
Make it the focus of your Church.
Make it the focus of all your dealings

God is waiting to bless in ways we cannot even comprehend.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.
Matthew 6:33

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