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by on January 21, 2015

Lois is doing well. She continues to deal with pain in her back. Many muscles are stiff and sore. She is able to be up and moving, getting around slowly.

Frank’s condition is slowly improving as well. Yesterday was difficult as his body responded to the trauma with a racing heart rate: 130-140 bpm. One doctor said this is like running uphill into a head wind. He was transferred to a heart unit where they focused on managing his pain and heart rate. We also learned that he has 3 broken ribs.

This morning his heart rate has been under 100 for several hours and he was able to rest well. He said, “These people know what they are doing!” They did another EKG last night that looked normal and are planning an echocardiagram today just to see how his heart is working. We are so thankful for the good care he has gotten in this room.

At this point, we don’t know what might be next. The doctors want to monitor his condition for at least 24 hours. Continue to pray for healing and rest. Again, please contact Mark before any visit.

(This post was pieced together from Facebook posts by Beth and verbal quotes from Mark.)

–Kevin for the family

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