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by on January 23, 2015

They moved Dad out of the intermediate ICU last evening. The cardiologists released him from their care, too. Therapy has begun: in and out of bed and onto a chair. He also practiced a step yesterday. It wears him out, though he is very determined. He can not put any weight on his left leg which makes it hard to move because when he carries weight with his arms it stresses his sternum fracture. They are concerned that he keeps breathing strong to keep his lungs healthy to avoid pneumonia. They continue to keep him on oxygen and pain medication, especially during therapy.

We are so grateful for the progress he is making. We know God wants to use this situation for His glory and we want to give Him the glory for answered prayers. It is hard to see Dad in so much pain and having to learn to function with his fractures and bruises, but are grateful God has spared his life and know that God is working.

Mom continues to get around slow, but well. She was able to get in to see dad again yesterday. She was at the local doctor for a checkup this week and everything seems to look ok. Just a lot of pain and soreness.

Thanks for your prayers in their/our behalf. It is such a blessing to have so many people to care in so many different ways.


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