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Life – a Battle Ground

by on February 9, 2015

You and your “friends”

When life becomes a battle ground it is because God and Satan are doing Spiritual warfare in your life. God is allowing Satan to bring difficulties of various sorts into your life. You may remain steadfast. You will be supported by the Holy Spirit of God during this testing time. But, you may have “friends” who do not understand.

Your “friends” may interpret your struggles as the result of sin in your life. They may accuse you as did Job’s “friends.” Your “friends” may find all kinds of reasons to fault you falsely. This is a most difficult time.

Just when you need Godly friends the most, some people will find reasons to accuse you of not being right with God. They may point out that God punishes wrong. They may point out that God makes no mistakes and surely He is punishing you.

They may insist that your heart is not right with God. They may try to be ‘god’ to you by insisting that God is right and has sent them to confront you.

What these types of “friends” do not understand is the chastening of God. God chastens His children. He uses many ways of doing that. As to God, His way is perfect. He makes no mistakes. Many times He uses your “friends” to bring the chastening to you. As if the chastening of the accident, the loss, the sickness is not enough, God uses “friends” to make the chastening more acute.

Job understood this very well. ‘Physicians of no value’ he called his “friends.” “How long will you torment me?” he asks. Just when he needed friends the most, they berated him instead of encouraging him.

James tells us to rejoice in tests and trials. God brings those events to prove our faith and character.

God chastens those who are His children. If we are not chastened it is because we are not children of God because He chastens every son that He receives.

What about your life? Have or are you experiencing the chastening of the Lord? If so, have your friends rallied around you with encouragement or have they been like the friends of Job?

What about you? When others have struggles do you have the wisdom and discernment to know if it is God’s chastening? That is very important. You need to support and bless and encourage God’s children as they suffer chastening. Thus, we become a body of believers who support and bless each other as God shapes us into the children He wants us to be.

As your life becomes a battle ground, seek those who will understand and undergird so you will be strengthened to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and be able to stand strong as you endure the test God has allowed to come into your life.

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