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Fighting for the Heart – Part I

by on February 13, 2015

Fighting for the Heart

Part I

“Your heart is angry” the cardiologist told me. Why is my heart angry? I asked him. Your heart was bruised – attacked and so your heart became defensive and went into tachycardia. Your heart was trying to defend itself against the attack. We had to slow your heart down so it would not continue to race uncontrollably and thus quickly wear itself out.

When your heart races out of control it cannot do its function in your body. Your blood, instead of being pumped through your body, is churned and develops clots that can and will cause death. This wise and well trained physician gave instructions and prescribed medications that brought my heart back to its normal function of circulating the blood through my body.

I well remember him standing beside the nurse who was taking notes on a large screen in my hospital room. He was calmly addressing my condition and explaining what needed to happen if I was to return to healthy heart function. Within hours the monitor indicated healthy function. Subsequent tests indicated that my heart was not damaged by the initial injury or by the racing pulse that resulted from the injury.

How like our emotional and Spiritual lives. Our “heart” can be injured, damaged, attacked and like our physical heart, our “heart” can go into defensive mode. In that mode we are fighting for our life. Our heart is angry and it is fighting – fighting to stay alive. That fighting will wear us out.

When our heart is fighting, we need someone to fight for our heart. We need someone who is wise and caring and well versed in God’s Word to calmly but firmly bring truth and love into our life. The calm, reassuring presence of a wise saint of God speaking words of healing will bring God’s message of strength and health to us.

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