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Fighting For the Heart III

by on February 17, 2015

Part III – Jesus and healing hearts

Jesus is the perfect example for healing hearts. He knew how to fight for the hearts of those around Him. We are not Jesus, but, we can observe and learn principles, and we do have His mind and He promised us His power.

Woman taken in adultery – Brought to ‘justice’ by religious leaders, she was without defense. Jesus, sensing her danger and the injustice of the situation, placed Himself between her and the stones that were about to be thrown. He vulnerably stooped to the ground to write in the dirt. This woman was as much a victim as she was a sinner. Jesus knew that. We need to know that also so we can respond with Godly wisdom in each life.

Zacchaeus – A dishonest man with a longing to see Jesus. Jesus honored his longing and reached out to him. Zacchaeus knew he was in the wrong. He had a longing to be made whole. He was honest about his needs. Jesus honored him by accepting his hospitality. In fact, Jesus invited Himself to Zacchaeus’ home for a meal. In the midst of other scoundrels, Zacchaeus’ heart was changed

Nicodemus – A smooth politician to whom Jesus gave no space whatever. Nicodemus finally said, I give up – “how can these things be?” Jesus continued to speak in language that Nicodumus did not (but should have been able to) grasp. If Nicodemus was to be changed, Jesus would have to keep the pressure there. While there seems to be no immediate change in Nicodemus, he does surface at Jesus’ death which makes us trust that he eventually accepted Jesus words and his heart was healed.

Woman at the well – A jaded, hurting, street-wise lady – Jesus crossed boundaries to get her attention. He then engaged her in meaningful, careful dialogue designed to evoke her best motives. She responded by addressing Him in increasingly respectful terms. She knew all about men. But, she had never met a man like this man.
This man set aside his need for water so he could meet her real needs. This man had her best interest at heart. This man was fighting for her heart.

Children – Jesus had time for children. Jesus took time for children. His harshest words were for those who offended the “little ones.” He knew that the little ones were the future. He wanted His disciples to see how His Kingdom could be constructed in the hearts of the children. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Religious leaders – Jesus made Himself available to them but, most of them had no time for Him. He did not fit into their mold. He took time to teach where they could listen if they wished. He addressed their sins and their wrong behaviors. They could not see that He was the object and the subject of their Scripture. They were Spiritually blind.

Their hearts were fighting – fighting against the truth. They heard His teachings but their hearts were not open to His truth. He used hardened language against their hardened hearts. This was Spiritual warfare. He fought, with rebuffed efforts, for their hearts.

While Jesus was fighting the religious leaders, what He was really doing was fighting for the hearts of the common folk. The common folk needed to see and hear His integrity and honesty and truth. They could relate to that message. Jesus fought for their hearts by providing for them an alternative to the religion of their day.

Jesus was and is our Example. He fought for the hearts of the people.
That is our opportunity today.

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