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Fighting for the Heart – Part IV

by on February 18, 2015

Part IV – Spiritual Warfare

Fighting for the heart is Spiritual warfare. It is God against Satan. Jesus said,
The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy.
I have come so that they might have life,
And that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10.

Satan is there to lie and cheat and steal. We are there to present the message of life and love and value and care from the God of the universe so hurting hearts can find abundant life.

Hurting hearts need safe-places
We need to provide a safe place for hurting people. They need a place where they have protection from fear and criticism and harm. They need to feel protected. They need to feel secure until they are strong enough to stand and walk on their own. Sometimes they just need a respite from all the pressure of daily life. Just a listening ear. Just a quiet day.

The Church should be the place where healing happens. We need healers of the soul and the spirit to speak out both individually and corporately.

Hurting hearts need safe people
Well-meaning counselors (as in the case of Job) are not useful. Open hearts and kind actions provide safety for hurting hearts

At a particularly difficult time in our lives, some friends invited us for a few days. They built a fire in their fireplace each evening and we just sat in quiet conservation and recovered from all the trauma of sick children and distress. We needed a quiet place – not counseling, not advice, not upbraiding, just peace and quietness and safety.

Hurting hearts have many fears.
They have fear of losing control. They need a place where their lack of control is OK. They have fear of guilt and shame. They have fear of numbness and lack of feeling. They need a place where those fears can be expressed and not judged.

Help them see that shame and guilt are different – make the difference between real guilt and false guilt. Do not allow them to blame themselves for the abuse they have experienced. They do not just need be tough, but, they need to be vulnerable knowing that they are safe and will not be hurt and need not fear.

Hurting hearts are exhausted
If a heart fights too hard, too long, it can lose its desire to live. It loses its will and spirit to live. It sees no future in life. The light is gone from the eyes. That is Satan’s goal. He comes to kill and destroy. But God gives life! And we are the ambassadors of that life. Speak life into those lives.

Hurting hearts need shepherds
As shepherds it is very important that we are sensitive to the needs of the sheep. Sickness and accidents send our communities into help mode. That is great but, what about emotional and Spiritual injuries and hurts? Who is to notice and care for those needs? Shepherds are people who can see the needs and know how to meet those less visible needs. Sometimes we just need to be there.

We do not need pretentious heroes or misguided counselors. We need real, living, loving shepherds who care enough to make a difference for people. I have seen lives change. I have seen hearts healed. I have seen hearts that were lost be found by the Shepherd of the soul because someone fought for the injured, dying heart of that hurting person.

Make no mistake about it – this is war – Spiritual warfare. It is a battle for eternal destiny. It is a battle we will win by the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

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