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Wisdom and Compliance

by on March 2, 2015

The words jumped off of the page at me. I was reading about the now famous, Miracle on the Hudson. The landing of an Airbus 320 in the Hudson River after a bird strike that took out both engines. It is a gripping story of knowledge and wisdom and courage. Captain Sullenberger called on many years of training and experience to bring a disabled airliner safely back to earth. All lives on board were safe.

What were the words that jumped off the page at me today? The words of an airline pilot.  Years ago,

“We were hired for our judgment. Now we are evaluated on our compliance.”

He was lamenting the fact that while pilots historically were evaluated by their ability to make wise decisions in any and all situations. Now, airline pilots are judged by their ability to follow the rules.

From wisdom to compliance. How did that happen? I am not a pilot. My disciplines, however, have seen similar transitions.
• From calling to position.
• From integrity to loyalty.
• From truth to politics.
• From wisdom to compliance.

Wisdom. Can we return to wisdom? Can we find the gifts that Jesus said He placed in the Church to build up and equip the body? Can we use those gifts with wisdom? We must. The Bible says so.

Compliance produces predictable and impressive structures but only wisdom produces Godly character. In every area of life, wisdom comes from God.

Compliance produces lock-step behavior, but only wisdom produces real leadership.
Like the captain of that flight, God calls us today to know and to use His knowledge with wisdom .
Like the safe landing of all aboard that flight, wisdom today will result in wise leaders to guide the souls in our charge today.

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