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Wisdom and Ideology

by on March 4, 2015


One of the most important distinctions in life is the distinction between integrity and loyalty. Loyalty does have a purpose in friendships and relationships. But, it can never be allowed to trump integrity. Integrity must be the basis of all of life.

Loyalty is great if it is preceded by integrity. If it is not preceded and conditioned by integrity, it is destructive. Loyalty without integrity is the most destructive of all life forces. Blind, unquestioned loyalty is imposed by powerful persons, and systems. Loyalty binds and blinds. It binds persons to unhealthy connections. It blinds persons and groups to sin and wrong.

Integrity, on the other hand, frees the spirit and provides Spiritual sight. Integrity is based on truth. Integrity frees from blind loyalty. Integrity prevents people from supporting systems that are not Biblical. Integrity produces wisdom.
Wisdom means making right choices in the face of many wrong options. Wisdom means truth. Wisdom means integrity. Wisdom means diligence and justice and doing what is right no matter the cost.

Ideologies are systems of beliefs. Ideologies attempt to create ‘perfect’ systems. In their attempts, they create intolerant and unyielding systems that dare not be challenged. These systems require loyalty to survive. Loyalty, sadly, destroys integrity and in turn destroys wisdom.

The key ingredient in wisdom is always the same. It is always integrity. Integrity is based on truth. Truth is the non-negotiable. Without truth there is no wisdom. Loyalty will destroy any wisdom if it is not based on truth.

Loyalty to an ideology will preserve a culture whether the culture is healthy or not.
Wisdom and integrity will preserve the Scripture and a produce a Biblical culture that is healthy environment.

Apostle Paul was a “Wise master builder” He was a builder who had wisdom. He loved truth. He was a man of integrity. He shunned and refused loyalty to ideology. He was controlled by the Holy Spirit and by his love and devotion to Jesus and His Kingdom.

What about you? Are you a wise man? Are you a wise woman? What is controlling you? Are you completely directed by the truth of the Word of God or are you submitting yourself to a system that demands loyalty above integrity? Are you supporting a system that values loyalty above truth? If you are, you will not be wise, you cannot be wise.

Truth and integrity are calling to you today. Wisdom will be the result of answering that call. There will be a cost. Are you willing to pay? Wisdom will be your reward.

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