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Wisdom is scarce and precious

by on March 6, 2015

What is wisdom?
• Wisdom is – The virtue of knowing what is true and right and courageously acting with compassion, justice and fairness.
• Wisdom is: Considering all options and possibilities and information and acting on that information to produce the best results.
• Wisdom is – The coming together of many factors in one person or a group of persons to accomplish God’s purposes in God’s way

Why is this wisdom so scarce? Why is it so hard to find? God is very discriminating about who is allowed to possess His wisdom. There are some reasons why people cannot be wise.

Wisdom is not:
Self-centered people cannot be wise
Scorners cannot be wise
Politicians can not be wise
Emotional manipulators cannot be wise
Co-dependents cannot be wise
Morally weak men cannot be wise
Controllers cannot be wise
Controlled people cannot be wise
Shrewd people cannot be wise
Clever people cannot be wise

Who can be wise?

Wisdom is:
Having no personal agenda
Standing alone whatever the cost
Having Spiritual sight and insight
Living well into old age
Always seeking and acting on truth
Always acting responsibly
Having character based on Bible principles
Having focus on God and His Word
Yielding to the Holy Spirit
Living by integrity.
Living by principle.
Willing to pay the price for truth
Willing to die for truth

Wisdom does not:
Never says, I was just doing my job
Never passes the buck
Does not allow people to be abused in their presence
Does not live by policy
Makes no sense to the flesh and the world

The key ingredient in wisdom is always the same – it is always truth – God’s Truth.
If it is not truth, it is not wisdom.
Biblical wisdom is God and Godliness. It is not only thinking about God. It is also thinking in Godly ways about all of life.
God is very discriminating about who is allowed to possess His wisdom.
Than is why it is so scarce and so precious.

Jesus lived and died with Scripture on His lips. That is wisdom.
That wisdom is scarce and precious.

Very few persons are willing to pay the price for wisdom.
That is why it is so scarce.
That is why it is so precious
Will you pay the price? It is your choice today.

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