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Obey – Why?

by on March 10, 2015

There is a story of a married woman who had a demanding, unkind husband. He wrote out a list of things he expected of her. Her life was sad and troubled. Eventually her husband died. She remarried – this time to a good, caring, loving husband. Her life was wonderful and fulfilling.

One day she came across the list that her first husband had made. To her utter amazement, she noticed that she was doing all the items on the list. She was happily doing things that she once found difficult and troubling. What was the difference? Her behavior was the same but her motivation was different. It made all the difference in the world.

The Law is our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. The law teaches us that we are sinners. The law makes demands on us and tells us how we have to live. As we grow in our Christian life, we become mature and we are led by the Holy Spirit to live Godly lives.

We are motivated by love to live for God and obey His Word. Our motivation changes from demand to love. Many changes happen as we grow. Just as in the physical, mental, emotional growth of a human child, as God’s children we grow, change, and mature in conformity to Jesus Christ.

It is important that our families, Churches, and schools encourage and instruct and shepherd for Spiritual growth. When that happens, people can move to more Spiritual health, maturity, strength, and freedom. There are many important contrasts in that growth process.

We grow from external compliance to internal, heart devotion.
From distrust to joy.
From the fear of man to the fear of God.
From insecurity to security in Christ.
From worldliness to Godliness.
From feeding on the flesh to feeding on the Word of God.

Similarly, our families, churches and schools need the Godly mix of proper perspective and focus for healthy persons. Persons will bond. It is important that they bond on a Godly basis. Bonds should grow to be based on joy and love. If bonds continue to be based on fear and control, people do not grow and mature.

They need to grow:
From anxiety to security.
From manipulation to love for one-another.
From failure to success in dealing with sin.
From fear to love.
From demand to kindness.
From lack of acceptance to acceptance.
From the letter of the law to the spirit of the law.
From image maintenance to real live authenticity.
From avoiding punishment to real heart obedience.
From the house on the sand to the house on the rock.
From bit and bridle to being guided by His eye (Psalm 32).

Jesus said, my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
We are His bride. Jesus is our husband. He loves us.
He loved us first. We serve Him because we love Him.

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