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The Luxury of Fighting

by on March 18, 2015


It is best to work together. To accomplish something we need to, or at least should, work together. If the task is big enough and important enough it will take all of our energies to accomplish the task. Working together will be best.

However, that in itself is a big task. Because, working together means that somewhere along the way, I may have to relinquish some of my autonomy and self determination. It means sacrifice for the greater good. It means giving up to give more. It means I have to contribute my share and join with you to build the kingdom. How can I do that? How many of us can do that? How many of us will do that?

When we demand our way, or when we demand that our method be adopted, we are not contributing. We are fighting.

There is a time to fight and there is a time to stop fighting. When truth is on the line, fight. When fighting becomes a luxury, it is time to stop. When the energies are turned against other fighters instead of outward toward the real enemy; it is time to stop.

Fighting can become a mindset. Some people love a fight. If there is no fight, they will make one. It is their mindset. There must be a polarization and there must be a cause and so there must be a fight. So, they foment and gossip and cajole and incite so a fight becomes obvious and imminent. Those people must be marginalized and eliminated. The best way to do that is to put them on a task where they cannot interrupt the cooperative workers.

Build, don’t fight. Building is a command. Fighting is a luxury. There are no winners. Fighting means we have lost sight of the real battle.

Paul and Barnabas had a fight. Those things will happen. They were not at odds over doctrinal matters. They disagreed on who should work with who. They did not continue the fight. They did not waste their valuable energy. They went to separate fields and they both worked to build the Kingdom. Their energy went into fighting the enemy, not in fighting each other. They went with people they could work with. They did reconcile at a later date. Meanwhile, the work went on, sans fighting.

We can do that today. If you are not cut out to be where you are; move. Don’t fight. Fighting makes the devil happy. We do not all have to do everything the same way. Much of the talk of unity is misguided. The spirit of unity is mistaken for the unity of the Spirit. Those two things are not even tangentially related.

Much of the fighting is fomented by only a few people. It only takes a few to make a fight. Sometimes it only takes one! If that one person has enough clout and personality, one person can create the problem and the solution including the fight.

This does not mean compromise. Does not mean doing wrong. Does not mean being manipulated. Does not allow actions that are not Biblical. Does not mean that we forget about the truth. That is not what we are talking about. Truth does not allow for sin. What does it mean?

It does mean wisdom to know when we are being manipulated for results that are not Biblical truth. It does mean joining ourselves with other Godly persons. It does mean having courage to set aside preferences so we can be the Church, the Body of Christ.

So, work. Don’t fight. Unless truth is on the line, don’t fight. Fighting is a luxury for those who cannot or will not work. We cannot afford that.

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