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Kevin Mark – 2015

by on March 24, 2015


Kevin Mark Burkholder – April 30, 2002 – March 25, 2012

Jesus Wept

Jesus – the God/Man – wept. He cried. He was the man of sorrows. He knew grief. He also knew love. Love and grief go together. The depth of love determines the depth of grief. We do not grieve at the death of someone we do not know. We see the funeral, we pause to reflect and soon forget. When it is our loved one, and our funeral, we do not forget.

Jesus loved and Jesus wept. We love and we weep. We do not forget.

We loved Kevin. We will always love Kevin. He still lives in our hearts but we cannot express that love to him and so, we grieve and we weep. Our deep love calls us to deep grief.

We will not always weep. Someday, in eternity, we will rejoice. And so, we rejoice here, now, also. Some day there will be no more death. No more sorrow. No more grief. Only joy. Pain and death and sorrow will pass away – be gone – to be forgotten forever.

Jesus was the Man of sorrows. He is now the King of Kings. He always was the King of Kings. While here on earth He was the Man of sorrows. No more. He died. He rose. He rose from the dead so we can rise from the dead and grieve and sorrow and die no more.

Love produces grief, but grief also produces love. Grief teaches us lessons. We learn how to really love. We learn to appreciate those whom God has placed around us when we grieve. We learn to value the blessing of what God has given us.

And so, we grieve. We love and we grieve and we weep. Like Jesus. He wept. He went to the grave of Lazarus. He wept and then He cried for His friend to come forth out of the grave.

To all of us who have lost loved ones. Especially loved ones lost in untimely death – death that seemed to come way too soon. It is OK to grieve, sorrow, weep – Jesus did. We may too.

On that fateful night three years ago, a night that seemed to have no end – when Kevin left us. We will never forget. But someday, a day is coming where there will be no night. No sorrow – no weeping. We will see Kevin again. Until then we weep, because we love as Jesus did – deep love and deep sorrow for now until Joy comes in the morning.

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