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Our worst enemy

by on March 26, 2015


What is the Christian’s worst enemy? Is it the internet or pornography or liberalism or cults or …….?

The worst enemy of the Christian life is self!

Self! You are your own worst enemy.
We come into this life demanding attention. That is the only way we can stay alive. Soon, however, we need to learn that we are not the center of the world. That is a difficult concept and so we cling to the early method of self-preservation. How does this relate to the Christian life?

The more of self we allow, the more dangerous we are. The more dangerous to ourselves and to the Spirit of God. The more of self, the more pride. The more of self, the less of God.

If you are a believer, the Holy Spirit lives in you.
If you are a human being, you have a will.
Your will is in conflict with the Holy Spirit. It is your will and God’s will.
They both want to control you. It will be one or the other. They cannot both be in charge of your life.

Life brings us many blessings. Many of them can be dangers. Some of the dangers are:
Money, education, skills, charisma, knowledge, loyalty, politics, training, personality, agenda, popularity, Bible knowledge, cleverness, people skills, loyalty, zeal, influence, persuasion, language skills, birth order, family name, reputation, talent, generosity, good looks, physical strength, strength of will, bullying, philanthropy, fluency, political power, intense desire, sensuality, rules and laws, something to prove, and even Spiritual gifts….. the list could go on.

Not all of these things are necessarily bad in themselves. In fact, some of them are very, very good! The problem happens when we depend on the dangerous factors and begin to identify with them instead of depending on the Spirit of God that lives in us and wants to control us.

What we need is to be broken before God. What does that mean? Satan, in Isaiah 14 said, “I will…” five times. By contrast, Jesus in the Garden said, “Not my will…” That is the difference.

What are you saying to God? Are you broken before God? Is your life on His altar? Does the fire of His Spirit consume you? Is the zeal of God’s house eating you up? Are you engrossed in how you can bless and build His kingdom – no matter what the cost to you?

Jealously guard your heart so that the Holy Spirit is welcome and so that you can hear His voice. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not grieve the Spirit. Be filled with the Spirit.

Know yourself. Be sensitive to yourself, know your weaknesses. Honor the talents God has given you for His use. Keep those talents under Holy Spirit control.

Invest time in the Word – God’s Word is truth – He is the Spirit of Truth. The Word is Spirit and truth – John 6:63. The Spirit is revealed in the Word and the Word is revealed by the Spirit.

Hear the voice of the Spirit – Romans 8:16. Be quiet in a noisy world. Develop an ear to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Obey the Holy Spirit – be clay in the hand of the potter. Do not resist the Spirit.

Allow God to break you. He will if your will accepts His discipline. If you are not broken, you have never really met God. Your unbroken self is your worst enemy.

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