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by on April 8, 2015

The Way of Cain

Abel brought an acceptable offering to God. Cain brought an unacceptable offering to God. Both of them brought offerings. Both of them worshipped.

Abel’s was accepted by God. He brought the firstlings of his herd. It was by faith. Abel believed God and obeyed what God had commanded.

Cain’s was not accepted by God. He brought the fruit of ground. Why was Cain’s offering not accepted? Cain was self-centered. He did things his way instead of God’s way.

Cain brought what he wanted to bring to God. When his offering was rejected, instead of repenting, he was angry and his face showed it. When God approached him about his behavior, he did not repent. He talked to his brother and then killed him. When God punished him, he focused on his punishment instead of focusing on his sin. Cain was a selfish man. His heart was not right with God and so his heart was not right with his brother either. He murdered and he lied.

Jude speaks of “The Way of Cain.” What is the way of Cain?

-Was disobedient
-Was angry,
-His countenance fell because God did not accept his offering.
-Made it obvious when he did not get his own way.
-No indication that he asked advice from his brother
-No indication that he asked advice from God
-Did not take God’s offer of repentance
-Told God a lie
-Did not accept responsibility for his brother
-Did not take seriously God’s words that sin lies at the door
-Did not take seriously God’s words that he needs to rule over the sin
-Did not respond to God’s words that he will be accepted if he does well
-Pretended to be nice to his brother
-Talked to his brother
-He got his brother alone in the field – on Cain’s turf
-He slew his brother
-God held him accountable
-God cursed Cain – the earth will not yield its strength to him
-“My punishment” focus on his punishment instead of focus on his sin
-No evidence that he asked for forgiveness or was repentant
-“People will kill me – I will be hunted as a fugitive”
-Believed that God’s face was hidden from him
-He was to be an outcast and to live his life in rejection.
-God wanted Cain to live a life of rejection
-God did not want anyone to kill Cain
-God put a mark on Cain so all would recognize him
-Went away from the presence of God

Cain and Abel were blood brothers but were not Spiritual brothers. Abel would have accepted Cain but Cain could not accept Abel.

I John 3:12 Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.

Take heed of the “way of Cain.”
• It is a deadly trap of a deceitful devil.
• It is a dangerous and destructive way.
• It is an insidious and abusive way.
• It is a selfish and sinful way.
• It is a way that rejects truth and replaces it with selfishness.

“Take heed to yourself,” the Scripture says. Examine your life to see if elements of the way of Cain are finding their way into your life. Satan is so cunning. He is the arch-deceiver. He deceived Cain. Chose God. Do not allow Satan to deceive you.

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