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The Beautiful Person You Are

by on April 26, 2015


You are a masterpiece. You have been made by the Master Craftsman. You originated in His heart. Your life is unique in all of time. There is only one you. You were first formed in the heart of the Master Craftsman. He gave you life.

Sin marred us – we bought the lie – that we are not beautiful. That idea did not come from the Master. That lie corrupted us and created a defensive self that is not the real you. It made you into a block of granite – a tough, hard, false you.

Early in our earthly existence, the destroyer burrowed his way into our unsuspecting heart and corrupted us. He corrupted our parents and they bought the lie and our self became injured and defensive. So we live our years injured; trying to make something of ourselves. Our lives, families, churches, ministries are floundering – floundering in the abyss of self –protection and performance, looking for acceptance. Wounded.

The destroyer does not want your beauty and strength to be unleashed. He loves keeping you in his prison of self pity and mock submission to ungodly demands while you submit to the wrong powers. He uses your self to construct walls and defenses to protect the false you. He has made you deceitful. You are deceiving yourself.

What will Master do? He will draw you to Him. He will break your heart with what breaks His heart. He will make you stand alone and stand out but, He will always stand with you. He took the curse on the tree so you would not have to bear it. He will shape your life as you become His child – you are made in His image. He has no deceit.

The Master with hammer and chisel chips away the stuff that is not you.
The potter molds and makes you the vessel as He envisions you in His heart.
The pruning shears are taken to your dead branches.
The carver carves away what is not beautiful in you.

What can you do? What must you do?

Submit to the hammer and chisel
Accept grace because God loves you – not from performance.
Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit – learn to listen to His voice
Personal discipline – produces holiness
Personal yieldedness – produces quietness
Personal obedience – produces confidence
Live in Heaven – earth is too small.
Make a sacred time for you and God – you will grow.
Represent God where ever you are – people will change.

Do not get drawn into little tiffs.
God died to deliver us from ourselves.
As you throw yourself on the master
His Spirit will mold you into His image.
Focus outside of your self.
Bless those around you.
No personal pity parties.
Do not submit to manipulators or you will hate yourself for rejecting the life and love the Master Craftsman gave to you. Submit to His hammer and chisel. Submit to His discipline. Submit to His love. Submit to His grace.

Submit, what a terrible word – do not follow unhealthy authority. They are imposters. Submit to the Master Craftsman. His knife and chisel are sharp. They cut away only what is not the beauty in you. The pieces of marble all over the floor are only reminders of what is not the real you that He intends for you to be. Do not mourn them. Do not stumble over them. Ignore them.

Flee from injury and abuse. Flee and take His protection in the risks of life. David fled the spears of Saul. David fled to the protection of the Master. Paul risked shipwreck, stoning, hunger, cold, whipping, prison… What did you say are your problems? Run from the little gods in their little fiefdoms telling lies to manipulate their little herds – Run! That is what David did when Saul chased him. Run. The power that lives in you will change you and the world. But it will not happen as long as you live in the prisons and poisons of food, facades, fabrications and falsehoods.

Meanwhile, whose approval are you seeking? Who are you trying to please? His family is made of those who seek to please Him and thus they are bound together in His love. Most people do not like themselves. Do not be like that.

When you dislike yourself, you are insulting the Master. That thought comes from the old self that the destroyer developed in you. That is because the self that you are is not the finished work. When the Master has shaped you, you will marvel at the beauty of the life that He has made for you to live.

Sadly, whole groups of people do not know themselves and they do not know each other – they are living behind masks, some of them quite attractive and controlling. Many people never get to know themselves for the beautiful masterpiece that the Master made them to be. Refusing the hammer and chisel, they forge their own self identity – a woefully inadequate identity.

If, unfortunately, they have great talents and abilities, they will be very successful in the process. If, unfortunately, they have great people skills, they will corrupt many others in the process.

People live and die and never know who they are. Never know who they were created to be. Living as tyrants or hermits; hurting and hurting others. Not impacting anyone in a meaningful way. Most people never find out who they really are – they live their lives pretending. Some are down and out. Some are up and out. But out…

Pleasing everyone but themselves.
Pleasing everyone but God.
Who are you trying to please?
Who do you seek to impress?
Whose approval do you need?

When you accept God’s life:
You are not controllable.
You are not manipulateable.
You are not offendable.
You are not defeatable.

Life is not so complicated – it is the Master or it is nothing – your life in Him and His life in you. It is either the indwelling God or the deceptive devil who, as an angel of light, keeps on telling us lies and we keep believing those lies. We keep on existing in this fragile little cocoon of self protection that owns lies and prevents life.

What must your Master think? – You are breaking His heart when you live below your beauty and strength. You are neither a clone nor a cookie cutter.
You are a special, unique creation of your Master.

Now the Lord is the Spirit; and
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
But we all, with unveiled face,
Beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,
Are being transformed into the same image
From glory to glory, just as
By the Spirit of the Lord.
II Corinthians 3:17-18

Kneel before Him.
Spend time in His presence.
Look deeply into the mirror of His Word.
You will be changed.
You will become the holiness of the Master.
You will be sanctified totally to Him.
You will have strength for life.
You will express the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
You will have insights into the Scriptures.
You will have discernment for decisions.
You will become what you were made to be.
You will be His image and His glory.
You will live a supernatural life.
You will have power to live a life of victory over sin.
You will have a life that you will love because you will know that you are loved.
You will love others in ways beyond your human capacity.
Love Him, He loves you.

Submit to the beauty of the hammer and chisel of the Master Craftsman.
The real, beautiful you is waiting to be shaped and revealed.
Not only will He shape you, He will shape your heart into a perfect home for Himself. He will live in your heart so you are not living on your own, but His life is living in and through you. You in Him and He in you and your life in His heart and His heart in you and you will be the beautiful person He made you to be.

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