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Fellow Helpers to the Truth

by on May 1, 2015

Third John

Truth and Christianity –
Truth is the essence of Christianity and Godliness.

1. Truth begets love
Trust is generated by truth – knowing the integrity of a person’s character

2. Truth causes a Christian walk
Truth produces soundness of character and prosperity of soul

3. Truth provides fellowship
Truth comes first and then fellowship follows based on the truth

4. Truth produces joy for parents and pastors
Children walking in truth is the greatest joy

5-6. Truth is furthered by hospitality
Hospitality is an opportunity to share and further truth
Hospitality is an opportunity to bless those who travel and teach
Hospitality is an opportunity to express charity

8. Truth needs helpers
Those who “tarry by the stuff” assist those who go to the battle

9-11.Truth discovers enemies
Those who oppose the truth are not fellow helpers to the truth
They love all the attention but do not share their hospitality with others
They use evil language
They do not receive the brethren
They forbid those who receive the brethren
They cast the brethren and those who receive them out of the church
They need to be exposed for their evil deeds
They have not seen God

11-12. Truth discovers allies
They are above reproach of all men
They are known by their love for the truth
They gather truthful friends around them
Their commitment to truth provides trust and safety in fellowship
They follow that which is good
They do good
They are of God
They have a good reputation of living and loving the truth
They have a good reputation

13-14. Truth brings peace and fellowship between friends
Truth is the common denominator among the brethren/friends
Truthful friends of truthful friends are friends
A short letter anticipates a long visit
Face to face visits are the joy of those who follow the truth

Third John emphasizes truth. At least seven times the word truth is mentioned in this letter.
• Truth is our highest Goal.
• God’s Word is Truth.
• Jesus is the Truth
• The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth

There is no substitute for truth
Are you walking in the truth?
Are you seeking to know more truth?
Are you walking in all of the truth that you know?
Are you associating with those who walk in the truth?
Are you a hospitable helper of those who teach the truth?
Are you building a reputation of truth?
Are you aware of the dangers of associating with those who oppose the truth?
Are you experiencing the love, joy, and peace that are produced by truth?

Be a person who is absolutely committed to helping those who are walking in truth.

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