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The Spirit of Diotrephes

by on May 3, 2015

The Spirit of Diotrephes – III John

– What can we learn from what we know about this man?

1. He loved the preeminence
He demands the attention
He will be first
He will injure others in order to be first
He is self-centered
He is domineering
He is a powerful personality

2. He resisted what John wrote to the church
He resisted the apostolic instruction of the Apostle of love – John
He did not welcome the truth

3. He used malicious words against the apostle John
He slandered John – unjustly accusing John with wicked words

4. He refused to receive the brethren
He was not a fellow helper to the truth

5. He excommunicated those who received the brethren
He attempts to pull down their reputations
He forbids those who desire to receive the brethren
He puts them out of the church
He had ‘never seen God’


– Apostle John’s Response to the beloved

1. Do not follow what is evil
“He that does not good has not seen God”

2. Follow what is good
“He that does good is of God”

3. When I come I will call attention to these deeds which he does
Apostle John will expose what he has done
Apostle John will expose these kinds of people


– Demetrius is the contrast with Diotrephes
1. He has a good report of all men
2. He is a man of truth
3. He has our witness also that he is a man of truth

Diotrephes was an emotional manipulator/controller. He was a Spiritually impoverished person. His life stands in contrast to the Godly Gaius and Demetrius in III John.

Apostle John was the apostle of love. He was and is a man of truth. Truth and love must go hand in hand and heart in heart if God is to be know. Church leaders like Diotrephes will destroy the church because they “have not seen God” as He really is. Leaders like Apostle John are those we need to emulate and follow.

Be careful, even well-meaning leaders can become like Diotrephes in an effort to push their own well-intentioned agendas. Many times hurting people who have not found healing will get into places of power and authority. They then sometimes find security in these positions and link up with others who have similar situations or they have adopted allegiance to a “Diotrephes” in their group and become witting or unwitting followers of heavy-handed management.

Study the Bible. The examples of good leaders like Jesus, Apostle Paul, Apostle John, Stephen, Apostle Peter, Joshua, Nehemiah, Ezra, Samuel and others will instruct us how to live and lead. God is waiting to bless as we obey and lead according to His leading. His Holy Spirit and His Holy Word will lead us right in every age.

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