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by on June 3, 2015

Investing in Value

Everyone invests in something. Everyone invests something. In what are you investing? What are you investing? What should you be investing?

Along with all your other investments, the greatest investment you can make is investing in people. How do you invest in people? People need your: time, listening, challenges, encouragement, honesty, truth, and grace with mercy and love. Many of them are eager recipients awaiting your investment.

When you invest in other people this way, they perceive value. You have made them more valuable by giving yourself to them. They now value themselves more because you have invested value in them.

You did not ignore them. You did not shun them. You did not reject them. You did not steal from them. You invested in them. You gave them a valuable bit of time and encouragement so they could grow into a person of more value. They now have more value to share with those they meet.

Your integrity is paramount in this investment because what you are investing is yourself. Your investment is sourced in the sum total of what God has done for you.

You do not need to be perfect but, you must be a person of solid character and unquestioned intent. You need to have qualities that can be observed and emulated. You need to develop methods of conveying those qualities to others.

The greatest element in your investment is that your investees are not limited to your limits. They are now investments of the King who can and will empower them to go and grow beyond you.

Jesus made the ultimate, eternal investment. So many times His investment goes unnoticed and untapped. Imagine. The. Greatest. Investment. Of. All. Time. Ignored.

Take His investment that someone invested in your life and invest it in the lives of other people. Don’t hide it. Don’t horde it. Don’t corrupt it. Invest it. That is discipleship. That is the way His investment grows.

God brings people into your life every day. Those are the people in whom you can invest.

They will never be the same again. Neither will you.


Who has invested in you?
In who have you invested?
Your investment can change a life for eternity.

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