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God’s Prophets

by on June 6, 2015

Prophets are part of God’s plan to speak to His people. Prophets replaced the ungodly and disobedient kings and priests as the word of God in Israel. Prophets spoke for God. They stood with God and spoke God’s words to the people. They speak for God today.

Prophets are not elected. Prophets are not a dynasty. Prophets are individuals who are specifically called by God to speak fearlessly. They spoke of judgment and of eventual blessing after the judgment is finished. Their speaking spanned millennia. They spoke against all sin regardless of who was guilty. Their words did not recognize any type of immunity. They cried against kings and priests and common people alike.

Prophets sometimes were blamed for having bad attitudes. They countered the false prophets. They sometimes spoke in irony or sarcasm. “Go and be victorious” Micaiah said to Ahab mimicking Ahab’s false prophets. Jeremiah said, “Amen” when a false prophet told a lie. Amos called the vain ladies, “cows.”

Prophets were not appreciated. They were hated. They were imprisoned, placed on bread and water and, sometimes, killed. They spoke God’s words in spite of any and all persecution.

Prophets called for true love of God and people. Prophets called for justice. They told of a coming Kingdom of judgment when all injustices will be made right.

As members of the Kingdom of God today we must be people of justice and truth. Where we are not just, God will judge us also. We have no power to over-ride God’s judgment. Leaders today are to reflect the justice of God’s Kingdom.

“Those who rule among men must be just” said David. “The elders who rule well will be counted of double honor” says Apostle Paul.

There are prophets in the Church age. Ephesians 4:11 make clear the gifts, including prophets, that Christ has placed in His Church. The words of God through the prophets are critical to God’s Kingdom.

Prophets should be honored. They were not. They are not. They are committed to truth. They have no space for politics. They do not honor sinful persons or agendas, only truth and righteousness.

Amos and the other prophets cried out against wrong and sin. God’s prophets are doing that today. God’s prophets must do that today. Are you listening to the prophets? Are you called to be a prophet? If you are called to be a prophet, stand with God. He is standing with you.

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