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Amos and Justice

by on June 13, 2015

BUT let justice roll down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.

The analogy is striking. God calls for justice. Justice is to be as common and as pervasive as waters. The result is righteousness. Righteousness, then, will flow as a mighty stream.

Somewhere along the way you may have tried to dam up a stream. It works for a little while and then the stream overcomes the dam.

That is the way justice and righteousness impact a culture. That is the way they produce a culture. That is God’s message – justice producing righteousness. No righteousness? No justice!

Love, joy, and peace are important but without justice all is lost. God is just. His Kingdom is a Kingdom of justice. Someday He will restore all injustices. Now is the time for us as His children to live lives of justice in our day.

We bemoan the lack of righteousness in modern culture. Restore justice and righteousness will return. That is the Jesus way. That is the God way. That is the Holy Spirit way. Justice based on the truth of God. Justice producing trust.

In a culture of righteousness sin is not tolerated. No immunity from punishment. No manipulation. No escape from accountability. No excuses for injustice. Men and women are held responsible for their actions. That is God’s way. It is what we need now.

Amos lived in a day of injustice. Prophets were not allowed. Truth was not tolerated.
They hate him that reproves in the gate, and they abhor him that speaks uprightly.
Wise men kept silent – Therefore he that is prudent shall keep silence in such a time; for it is an evil time.
Amos’ cry was for justice and righteousness. That is the cry today.

Has God called you to speak? Has God called you to be an “Amos?”
Speak – God is with you. Call for justice so righteousness can prevail.

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