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Giving and Receiving Love

by on June 24, 2015

Experiencing Love

I. Love is the energy of life.

Love is the energy of God in life. Love should be your earliest experience. To be loved and cherished and unconditionally accepted is to be valued and wanted and treasured for just being you. Love makes you special and valuable. Love buoys your spirits. It puts a spring in your step and joy in your heart. Love is the irreplaceable energy of life.

Love should be your earliest experience. Family is designed for love. Shared lives and experiences provide love for all to have and enjoy. Mother and Father each provide their unique understandings of love. Sisters and brothers also bring their special dimensions of love to each other.

Social sharing of love occurs in fellowship of believers – the Church. Faithful believers love each other with a love that is beyond natural affection. It is God’s love experienced through the gifts of the Holy Spirit expressed in faithful living by loving persons.

Family and Church are the ways that God has designed for us to learn love. We learn to experience and share love with each other and with those who do not know love in their lives. The mutual care and nurture and building each other up is what brings the energy of life in these God-given places.

There is a synergistic exchange of energies in the family and Church. Both are vastly greater than the sum of their parts. God has designed for our social structures to be ways of blessing and growth and development. Infants are allowed to be infants. Aged are allowed to be aged and all in between are afforded places of value and service for the mutual good and the glory of God. Our groups bring out the best in each because we are valued and treasured as unique creations of the Master Creator and Designer.

II. Share love with others
Many people struggle to experience or even understand love. The beauty of God’s way is the mutual care for each other. The world around us will ‘know us by our love.’ “When one has a heartache, we all share the tear and rejoice in each victory in this family so dear.”

We share love and care because we are one body. One body with many mutually functioning parts and gifts. We need each other. That is the genius of the body of Christ here on earth.

The Church is a culture that is powered by the Holy Spirit, energized by love, and directed by the Scripture. Godly men, called by the Holy Spirit; full of wisdom, grace, and power, are the ones God has placed as leaders in His Church. In the family and Church, the strong support the weak. We are all strong in areas and we are all weak in areas. Each weakness is supported by complementary strength in another person.

We are a body with members for the glory of God. We are a body where hearts are knit to each other. Hearts joined in worship and fellowship of sharing joys and sorrows make us into the body of Christ.

III. What if the systems fail?
Is God enough? God is enough. It works best when God’s love is mediated through a loving, caring human but, if that is not the case, God is enough. His message is enough. He loved the world so much that He ‘gave His only begotten Son.’ If you accept Him, His love will flow through you as you experience His love in salvation.

His salvation makes you free. His salvation sets you free. Free from all the abuse and neglect. Free from all the pain and suffering. Free from all the fears of abandonment and rejection. What a priceless gift. It makes you free because He experienced all the possible hurtful emotions that we can feel. “He came to His own and His own people rejected Him.” Thus He can identify with you in what ever you experience. He suffers with you as you identify with him.

“Stone walls do not a prison make.” And neither do emotional pains and hurts. They are lost in the priceless love of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Even in pain, we rejoice in a love that no one can take away.

IV. Why do systems fail?
We are all human and we experience human frailties. Satan loves to destroy love. When frailties and sin combine, trouble ensues. What are some factors that make it difficult/impossible to experience love? A short list might look like this:

• Not feeling worthy – rejection and abuse make us feel unworthy.
• Not perceiving love as real – if love is not genuine it seems fake and we reject it.
• Pain – in the heart makes people defensive and unreceptive to love.
• Anger – is a defense that prevents love from penetrating walls around the heart.

What to do? Can anything be done to open hearts to love?
• Build trust – provide a safe environment where trust can flourish.
• Provide an unthreatening atmosphere – where expressions of care are allowed/welcomed.
• Do not accept counterfeits – pretend love is not love at all.
• Allow the real person to emerge – there is a real person in there, call the person to expression. Encourage the emergence – do not allow failures to make the person a failure. Do not allow fears to control the freedom that God gives.
• Allow expressions of love – allow attempts at love to grow into real expressions.

You can conquer hurts and rejections by extending your hand and heart to others. Open your life to them. Avoid the manipulators and bless the hurting. Reveal your heart so they can see the real you and God’s love will conquer pain through you.

V. God never fails
This is not just a motto to hang on the wall. It is not just a cliché. It is for real. Trust God. He knows. He understands. Meet Him in His Word. Meet Him in your life. Surrender your fears, frailties and failures to Him. Meet Him in your experiences, past and present; allow Him to heal and bring closure by experiencing His presence and His understanding. He loves you. Perhaps these simple words say it best –

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong
We are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me………

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