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Princes and Princesses

by on June 26, 2015

Girls and Boys

Recently I have come across another resource for girls. That is great. No problem. But, where are the resources for the boys? We are doing well at raising our girls. Not perfect, but generally well. Boys – that’s a different story.

It is more difficult to raise boys. Boys are easily distracted and enticed. They have the hormones to make them into men. Those hormones must be channeled and challenged. Left to themselves, those energies will send them wrong. They must be directed and shown what is right and appropriate. They must be shown by words and examples. They must be shown early.

For every princess we raise, someone, somewhere needs to raise a prince. If we are to have good, healthy families into the future we need both. How can we do that? Specifically, how can we raise good boys to become Godly men?

My Dad was intentional about raising boys – he had three boys, no daughters. He was not an impressive man. He impressed me. His word was law. No whining. No back-talk. No challenges to his authority. He held a tight reign. I never doubted his integrity. He would do what was right. No doubt about that.

He had opinions about everything. He expressed those opinions. Those opinions shaped my thinking. He did not care what other people thought of him. He did what he knew was right – he stood alone when that was called for – that was most of the time.

He had many faults. He could not manage money. By the time I was 14 years old I had more money than he did. He never caught up. It does not matter. His discipline was harsh – too harsh at times. I knew he loved me even though it did always feel that way.

My high school curfew was 10:30 P.M. None of my friends had such an early curfew. If I was not home on time, he came looking for me.

High school graduation evening he said, “Son, You are on your own now. No more curfews.” I was in bed by 10:30.

He was strong – sometimes too strong. He raised three sons. He was demanding of himself and of us. He never called me a prince. I knew what he expected. He expected me to be a prince.

Obey, work, behave, treat everyone with respect. Treat old people with respect. Treat girls and ladies with utmost respect. Give a day’s work for a day’s pay. Live within the law. If something is wrong, don’t do it. Use respectful language – no foul talking. No course jesting. Total honesty. No shady deals. Zero tolerance for disrespect.

You do not have to be perfect to raise good boys to be Godly men. My Dad was not. I am not. We did. It was my goal to improve on my Dad’s skills.

That is how you raise a prince. That is how you raise a Godly man.

The princesses are waiting.

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