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Sins and Solutions

by on August 1, 2015

Sins and Solutions – God Demands and Provides Justice – Isaiah 59

I. The problem – What God sees – vv. 14-15
Human failure to keep the commands of God
Truth fails
Israel has chosen evil instead of God
They have become Spiritually estranged from God
Righteous people are harmed
God, the Holy One of Israel, is displeased
Micah 6:6-8

II. The hopelessness – v. 16a
There is not justice
Justice and righteousness are far away
There is no intercessor
How can these things be made right?

III. The solution is salvation – v.16b
Only God can bring solution
His arm is power
Salvation is righteousness

IV. The battle for the right – holy warfare against evil – v. 17
God’s vengeance on evil
Righteousness for His breastplate
Salvation for His helmet
Vengeance for His clothing
Zeal for His cloak

V. The defeat of injustice – v. 18
There will be:
Punishment according to their deeds
Fury to the adversaries
Repayment to the enemies
Even to the remote areas
God is just
God is Lord of the whole earth
God’s long-suffering will end

VI. The victorious God – v. 19
His name
His fear
His glory
From the east to the west
Stand in awe of God
God is the standard of justice
The enemy will be vanquished
The Holy Spirit will make the enemy flee
God’s rule will be established

VII. The redemption and the restoration – mercy in judgment – vv.20-21
The Redeemer is coming for His people
God will not abandon His people
There will be righteousness to those who turn from transgression and repent
The covenant of God will stand
Israel’s words were not just but,
God’s Spirit and God’s words are God’s power
The covenant is to the faithful individuals
There will be eternal justice

Applications and questions-
Why do people not like prophets?
Is God angry at sin?
Are you angry at sin?
Are you living a life of justice?
Are you living a life of righteousness?
God calls for repentance today
Truth and righteousness are the basis of trust
God’s people are to reflect God’s justice
The church is justice or it is not the Church of Christ
Righteousness is the holiness of God
We can be made the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ
God will have eventual justice in every situation of life
What are some current applications of injustice in the world?
The elements of Eph. 6 and Spiritual warfare are in the Old Testament
We today can employ these weapons of Spiritual warfare

Psalm 101:2 – “…Oh when will you come to me…?” Be prepared to be blessed by God bursting into your day at any time

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