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Lust – Part III

by on August 2, 2015

What can we do? In a day of one, two, three answers – there are no one, two, three answers to the question of lust. The answer is a change of mind and heart. Minds must be renewed by the Holy Spirit and hearts must be turned to God.

• Truth must be taught
• Integrity must be lived
• Culture must be changed
• God must be honored
• People must be respected

There are timeless and limitless principles that must be honored and taught. We need to prepare a safe place for succeeding generations. We need to set role models for youth so they can observe good choices being made – when choice is destroyed, the ability to decide is also destroyed. Teach and live the truth.

Loyalty has replaced integrity. Loyalty is easy. Integrity is difficult. We must reinforce right and wrong with ability and power to chose for right and pay the price for choosing what is right. Loyalty allows right to be wrong and wrong to be right. Men of valor will be a lost concept if right is wrong and wrong is right. Integrity must precede and trump loyalty or we are lost to ideology.

The politics controlling us is destructive. We create culture and then culture creates us and our children. Culture creates lenses through which we see the world and ourselves. That culture must be derived from the Bible. That is not rocket science. It is relatively simple and straight forward. Read and obey the Bible and you will have a Biblical culture to replace the current cultures that do not work well Spiritually.

Righteousness must be valued above all else as it is lived out in lives. Righteousness is the holiness of God in your life. Life is not about you – life is about God. Follow Him. Love Him. Love His word. The flora and fauna of God’s creation observe unchangeable laws of life. God’s laws and God’s word must be honored in human life also.

Men are no longer men – boys are toned down and given Ritalin – they should be encouraged to use their strength of mind and body to protect and honor girls and women including their sisters and mother. Men must be men. That means doing what is right. An earlier generation disciplined too harshly and now there is a generation with no discipline. That does not make discipline wrong. We need discipline to make us disciples and not followers of wrong concepts.

II Tim 3: 1-5 Avoid men who do not have genuine, Godly love. Avoid men who have a cognitive concept of love but not from the heart. Make sure that Godly love is the living power of your heart.

Honor marriage and womanhood. Seek marriage and honor all women. Protect and guide and honor all women.


Know the stages of lust from Joshua 7:21
• I saw – this is the test
• I coveted – this is a conscious decision to allow the body to dictate the behavior
• I took – this is a conscious decision to act on the lust
• I hid – this is the resultant bondage of wrong thinking and behaving

You can allow your mind to become the devil’s playground. Why would you do that? God offers so much more. God provides much more. As men we have a need for physical affection. God has ways of meeting those needs. We have a need for financial success so we can feed and house our families. There is a right and a wrong way to do that. We have a need for power to be rightly used in directing our lives and our families and businesses and work. We can do that in God’s way without arrogance and narcissism. These needs must be kept in God’s culture of blessing and order. God supplies these needs. When we move outside God’s bounds we allow the temptation of Eve to be our temptation.

“God has withheld something that you should have. God is keeping something from you that would be good for you.” These are lies from Satan. When we accept the logic of these lies we lust. And just like Eve, when we fall to those lies we invite death.

• Lust is the perversion of good desire.
• Lust is not necessary.
• If we think of lust as normal, we will sin.
• If we think of lust as sin, we will not sin.

Holiness is a series of decisions to put God first. Joseph knew that. Joseph did that. God was with Joseph. You can do that. Did Joseph live a life of lust for Mrs. Potifer? I do not think so. He put her in a category in his mind that did not allow him to think of her as an object of his desire. Ahab did not do that. He could have but he did not. Ahab allowed the beauty of Naboth’s vineyard to mull in his mind until sin was at the door and death was the result – physical death for Naboth and Spiritual death for Ahab. When sin is conceived it brings forth death.


Matthew Henry on II Timothy 2:22

1. Youthful lusts are very dangerous, for which reason even hopeful young people should be warned of them, for they war against the soul,

I Peter 2:11.

2. The exciting of our graces will be the extinguishing of our corruptions; the more we follow that which is good the faster and the further we shall flee from that which is evil. Righteousness, and faith, and love, will be excellent antidotes against youthful lusts. Holy love will cure impure lust.–Follow peace with those that call on the Lord. The keeping up of the communion of saints will take us off from all fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness. See the character of Christians: they are such as call on the Lord Jesus Christ, out of a pure heart. Observe, Christ is to be prayed to. It is the character of all Christians that they call upon him; but our prayers to God and Christ are not acceptable nor successful except they come out of a pure heart.

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